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Salem Acupuncture Hospital, Training and Research Centre, Salem ATAMA Acupuncture Hospital, Training & Research Centre is started to serve the people to live healthy without drugs and deseases. ATAMA Acupunture Hospital, Training & Research centre is situated in the heart of the city in Salem. In Salem it is running by Dr. Maulana Shahinsha, M.D.(Acu), Trained by Late Prof. Dr. Abdullah Segu. We are here to make awareness about Acupuncture treatment, cure deseases without drugs and Train people to cure deseases without drugs. As our Late. Prof. Dr. Abdullah segu's dream and our sincere ambition is to make deseaseless world before 2030 ie.," Marunthilla ulagam Padaipom", We give treatment to any type of deseases, like Joints pain, Headache, Asthma, Sinus, Diabetics, Renal Failure, Sterility of men and women, Jaundice and even Heart attack, etc. We are giving 95% immediate success rate in complete cure, and 5% slow curing because of chronic deseases.

Watch the video telecasted by Tamilan TV.

Diploma in Acupuncture (D.Acu). Course Started, Admission ends soon...

Master Degree in Acupuncture Started. Admission Going on for further batches.

Diploma course with Government Certificate was started from 2006 and running successfully.

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